Rings for birds

Rings for birds

Specialists rings for birds and ornithology articles for individuals, associations and federations.
Rings engraved with your own design, personalized serial number or text.


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Between 50€ and 99€* - 10% Discount
Above 100€* - 15% Discount

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SPAIN (Peninsula)
Orders up to 24€ - 2.50 €
Between 25€ and 49€ - 2.00 €
Above 50€ - FREE!
SPAIN (Baleares, Canarias, Ceuta and Melilla)
Orders up to 49€ - 3.50 €
Above 50€ - FREE!
All orders - 10.00 €

  • 0,17 €

    Special rings 2.7 mm for:- Greater goldfinch.- Hybrids. Special rings 2.7 mm for:- Greater...

  • 0,17 €

    Special 2.5 mm rings for:- Canaries: Japanese hoso, Nancy fife and Spanish race.- Exotic: Mandarins, Isabelitas Japan, Australian, African singers, Mozambique, Siskin of Venezuela, Siskin, Diamond gould, Noumeas and Gene. spinus.- Indigenous: Parva goldfinch, Linnet, Serin and Lugano. Special 2.5 mm rings for:- Canaries:...

  • 0,17 €

    Special rings 3.0 mm for:- Canarios: Races of song and color, posture breeds, North Curly, Curly French, Swiss Curly, Gibber Italicus, Jarback Spanish, Belgian Vous, Scotch Fancy, Muniques, Border, Bernois, Moña German, Gloster and Lizard.- Exotics: Tangaras, Greenfinch Greenfinch the Himalayas and China.- Indigenous: Common Greenfinch, Scribes, Sparrow,... Special rings 3.0 mm for:- Canarios:...

  • 0,17 €

    Special 3.2 mm rings for:- Canarios: Paris Curly, Curly color, Curly blued, Norwich, Yorkshire, and Lancashire Crested.- Exotics: Paddas, red or green, and the like Cardinal Dominicanos.- Indigenous: Greenfinch mutated and Scottish, Crossbill, Hawfinch and the like. Special 3.2 mm rings for:- Canarios:...

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