Plastic bird ring 3.0 mm

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  • Yellow

  • Light blue 2023

  • White

  • Meat

  • Purple 2021

  • Orange 2022

  • Black 2025

  • Gold

  • Red 2024

  • Fuchsia

  • Transparent

  • Green grass 2020

  • Pistachio green

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Special rings 3.0 mm for:
- Canarios: Races of song and color, posture breeds, North Curly, Curly French, Swiss Curly, Gibber Italicus, Jarback Spanish, Belgian Vous, Scotch Fancy, Muniques, Border, Bernois, Moña German, Gloster and Lizard.
- Exotics: Tangaras, Greenfinch Greenfinch the Himalayas and China.
- Indigenous: Common Greenfinch, Scribes, Sparrow, Hortelano and Bullfinch.

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You can choose from the recorded SERIALLY and ENGRAVING PERSONALIZED:

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Engraving SERIALLY


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In the rings of 3.0 mm can record up to 8 characters in 2 rows.
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