Terms and Conditions of use


1. Previous information

The website www.confobird.com, and in his name, CONFOBIRD S.L., in compliance with the provisions of Law 34/2002 of 11 July, on Services Information Society and Electronic Commerce, informs the user of the website prior to the service of the procedures and obligations to be carried out for effective concluding the contract:

a. The User agrees to carefully read the contents of these General Terms and Conditions, Website Use and Privacy Policy (hereinafter the Conditions).

b. The User agrees to enter personal data and additional information essential for the service.

The website www.confobird.com, and in his name, CONFOBIRD S.L., guaranteed through the provisions of these Conditions full compliance with the rules on protection of consumers and Users application protecting their legitimate interests from the beginning to the end of the process of contracting the products, services, content and / or tools offered via the website.


2. Identification of the contracting parties

These Conditions are subscribed:

On the one hand by CONFOBIRD S.L., owner and website owner www.confobird.com (hereinafter referred to as Confobird), established in Avda. Constitución, 44 - Planta Baja, Banyeres de Mariola, Alicante (Spain), for notification purposes, with CIF. B-42657403.

And another, by the user, which is the one that uses the website as well as products, services, content and / or tools offered through it and whose data are those provided directly by it by the incorporation of their data to the various forms which Confobird offers to access its onerous or free to any products, services, content and / or tools offered via the website owned by Confobird. The responsibility for the authenticity of the data provided corresponds directly and exclusively to the User.


3. Purpose and scope

These Conditions governing the provision of services, and / or conditions that may be established, are intended to regulate the access and the acquisition of products, services, content and tools provided by Confobird the user through its website and constitute the legal framework within which the contractual relationship, either in exchange for economic or consideration for free, as determined where appropriate in the particular conditions of the products, services, content and / or tools in the license agreements to which they are subject. Products, services, content and / or tools will be those who are available to the users at the following website belonging to Confobird: www.confobird.com.

Each of these products, services, content and / or tools will be the case under a specific regulation by the particular conditions of employment of each, which will be accessible on the web site mentioned. Likewise, products, services, content and / or tools by its legal nature so require, shall also be subject to the terms and conditions contained in the relevant agreements License Agreement. The These conditions and agreements License Agreement may be consulted, printed and stored by the user in advance at the beginning of the procurement procedure.


4. Acceptance and availability of the conditions of recruitment and use of the website

These Conditions, together with any particular conditions that could apply, regulate the legal relationship arising from the contractual processes formalized by the user through the website www.confobird.com. The User expressly accepts fully and without reservation to these provisions in the version published by Confobird at the time the User contracts the products, services, content and / or tools that you are interested in membership.Therefore the User agrees to read carefully the conditions of employment, whenever appropriate to the hiring of any product, service, content and / or tool because these have been modified since the last accessed.

These Conditions do not exclude the possibility that certain products, services, content and / or tools offered via the website, are subject to special conditions, in which case, be made available to the user.

By accepting these Conditions the User declares:

a. That is a person with capacity to contract.

b. That you have read and agree to these conditions.

The User will always have access in any case, prior to the start of the procurement of goods, services, content and / or tools to recruitment conditions, can be stored and / or reproduced on a durable medium. Confobird available to the user's e-mail tienda[at]confobird.com in order to answer any questions regarding these conditions, special conditions or agreements License Agreement.


5. Modification of the conditions of recruitment and use of the website

Confobird may amend these provisions provided there is sufficient cause or reason for it. It is understood that there are sufficient grounds for modification, by way of example and not limitation, when it intends to:

a. Extending the range or number of products and services made available to the user or improve existing ones.

b. Adapt products and services under this contract to advances that may occur due to the development of new information technologies. Modify, replace or update the prices of products and services offered through the website.


6. Conditions for access to the website and use of products and services

Access to the website www.confobird.com is free without prejudice to the acquisition of certain products and services or in case contents and / or tools that the company offers is subject to the prices stipulated in the specific conditions of each from them.

The User undertakes and guarantees to use the website in accordance with the provisions set out in these conditions, the provisions of the applicable regulations and with regard to morals and good customs.

In this sense, the User agrees to:

a) Do not use any services, products, content and / or tools that Confobird offers, by means or for unlawful purposes, or expressly prohibited by these provisions or whose effects may infringe upon the rights, interests or property of Confobird or third parties.

b) Refrain from any activity which could damage, overburden, impair or prevent the normal activity of the website www.confobird.com, and to obtain the contents provided on the website for illegal, fraudulent means, theft or plagiarism themselves, in accordance with the provisions of the Penal Code and the applicable regulations.

c) Do not make illegal use of products, services, content and / or tools, or which may undermine Confobird. Therefore, the User shall not limited, to modify, copy, distribute, publish, transfer and / or selling any information or appearance concerning products, services, content and / or tools provided by Confobird through title his website.

In the event that the user causing damage to third parties for use of any product, service, content and / or tools provided through the website, as well as misuse thereof, the User expressly exonerates Confobird of any responsibility that could be attributed to him.

For this purpose, you assume the sole and exclusive liability arising as a result of the above. Similarly, the user shall bear the expenses, costs and compensation that could arise from legal proceedings caused by the breach of the provisions in these Terms and applicable regulations.

Confobird in order to guarantee the rights in compliance with these conditions and respect current legislation may:

a) Proceed to the monitoring service through its management with respect in any case the secrecy of communications and privacy of the user.

b) temporarily interrupt the service without notice and at any time for technical or legal reasons to be motivated conveniently on the website.

c) Modify the conditions of delivery of products, services, content and / or tools, where appropriate in technical or application of new legal provisions reasons.

d) Modify the content of products, services, content and / or tools that integrate the content of the web site without prior notice when, for reasons of its activity it deems fit. It also reserves the right to refuse access to services, products, content and / or tools, without notice, to any User who contravenes the provisions of these Conditions.

e) Remove or replace various services, products, content and / or tools offered via website all information that may be illegal or simply offensive.

f) inform the competent bodies acting in the exercise of their powers, behaviors, activities or data allegedly illegal aware that Confobird.


7. Obligations of the contracting parties

a. Obligations Confobird

Confobird undertakes to fulfill the following contractual obligations arising from the business relationship with the consequence user purchase products, services, content and / or tools by the same:

Provide maximum guarantees to Users, products, services, content and / or tools requested by it pursuant to these Conditions, and if established in the License Agreement of Use, without failing in good faith contractual.

Expressly inform the user of the existence of these conditions in advance at the beginning of the procurement procedure.

Inform the user in advance to recruitment and, clear, precise and unequivocal specifically, the specific characteristics of the products, services, content and / or requested tools, such as their price and taxes as may be of application.

Make available to the User the text of the Terms. Likewise, and for products, services, content and / or tools that require it will be made available to the user in advance to hiring the particular conditions and the terms and conditions governing the License Agreement Use thereof.

Confirm the user the successful completion of the transaction, except in those products or services whose execution is immediate, within a maximum period of 24 hours from the acceptance thereof recruitment conditions, including effective implementation of payment if the contract for the product and / or services require purchase.

Send the User the receipt of payment or invoice for the products or services contracted Confobird, when the contracted service require purchase.

b. User Obligations

For its part, the User agrees to:

Conduct full compliance with the provisions of these Conditions and the provisions on the website www.confobird.com, in relation to the specific conditions of contracting the products, services, content and / or tools provided by Confobird.

Complete the registration forms before the start of the procurement process with accurate and current information in case it was necessary to access any of the products, services, content and / or tools Confobird requirement.

Complete the forms of access to products and services that require payment, with accurate and current information because such data are necessary for the issuance, if any, of the bill for Confobird and collection of products or services.

Use the contracted products or services as specified in the Terms and conditions and exclusively for the purposes set forth in the License Agreement of Use.

Provide, in the case of purchasing products or services that require payment, correctly banking data requested by Confobird and pay the price of products or services procured in accordance with the payment and the current published rates by Confobird in the particular conditions of each product or service at the time of recruitment.

Skip sending messages which could impede or interfere with the normal operation of the services offered by Confobird. In any case, the User will be solely responsible for the content of the messages you write or send, as well as the data provided.


8. Responsibilities of the parties

a. Confobird responsibility for the operation of the website.

Confobird only be liable for the damages that the User may suffer as a result of access to the website, or the purchase of goods, provision of services, use of content and / or tools when such damages are attributable to fraudulent action of Confobird.

Also, Confobird not be liable for any damages incurred by the user in case of impossibility of providing the service under these conditions due to accident, force majeure or other causes not attributable to Confobird.

Also, Confobird not be liable for the malfunction of the website if this is due to maintenance work, incidents, a malfunction of the terminal or insufficient capacity to support systems essential for the use of the service.

Confobird take appropriate measures to ensure a quick response, but can not be responsible for delays attributable to telecommunication services nor does it guarantee delivery of products, services or its contents and / or tools case.

b. User Responsibility.

The User shall be solely responsible for the consequences for data communication that are not true and data belonging to different User own people. In case of breach by the User of its contractual obligations, Confobird reserves the appropriate legal action as well as the right to restrict access to products, services, content and / or tools.


9. Limitation of Liability

Confobird strives to ensure that the information that appears on its website is correct and up to date. However, they can no errors or omissions, so the user should not be considered accurate information without first checking the accuracy Confobird. None of the information and / or contents of this website must be considered as an affirmation or an indubitable fact. Confobird can not control the use that the user gives the information or content offered from the website and therefore not liable for the acts or damages, direct or indirect, caused to the user or third parties that may arise or have connection with the use of such information or content. The user exonerates Confobird of any liability arising from interruptions when acquiring products, content and / or tools and / or the provision of services caused by reasons of force majeure or beyond its control. These effects are considered outside its control of example and not limitation, (i) the modem, (ii) the user's computer system, (iii) the navigation software, (iv) viruses, (v) networking telephone and electricity, (vi) ISDN, and / or any other transport or telecommunications infrastructure used by the User. Confobird not be liable for any damages that may cause the user for products owned by others. The risks arising from the use of third-party products are exclusively owned by the user, who must abide by the terms and conditions thereof, of which also Confobird not responsible.


10. Protection of personal data and e-commerce

User access to the website and purchase products, services, and / or use of tools or content via the website implies the processing of personal data. For great importance Confobird compliance with the regulations on protection of personal data and services of the information society and electronic commerce.

Generally, people who use the website do so without providing any personal data. However, to access products, services, content and / or tools, users in some cases you must provide personal data. Confobird guarantees the confidentiality of personal data provided by the user, as set out in the regulations on Protection of Personal Data, Services and Information Society and Electronic Commerce.

Confobird complies with current legislation on data protection, has taken the administrative and technical resources to ensure the security of personal data collected procedures.

In this sense, the user is informed and consents to the inclusion of their data to the automated files owned website www.confobird.com, and in his name, CONFOBIRD S.L., residing at Avda. Constitución, 44 - Planta Baja, de Banyeres de Mariola, Alicante (Spain), and the processing of data, the result of the consultation, request or contracting of any service or product, or any transaction or operation carried out in order to access information and services provided by Confobird, through its website, and if necessary for the maintenance of the contractual relationship and for sending offers or advertising and promotional communications by any means including electronic.

The order data may be transferred to Trusted Shops, in order to send evaluation requests by email to customers who make purchases in our online store.

The User declares that all information provided by him are true and correct and undertakes to inform Confobird changes that occur in them.

In the event that the user provides third-party data, Confobird can not be responsible for compliance with the principles of informed consent, which shall be the User that guarantees to have previously informed and obtained the consent of the holder thereof to communicate data. The user has the right to oppose the processing of any personal data that are not essential to the contract and its use for any purpose other than maintaining its contractual relationship as may be treatments for advertising purposes. If at the time of registration of a product or discharged from a user, it does not agree with any of the treatments described in this policy, beyond the maintenance of the contractual relationship itself, the User may write to Confobird with so that their right to object to such treatments be made effective. The means to address Confobird are those specified for the exercise of their rights, which are outlined in the following paragraph.

Also, the privacy policy Confobird guarantees the User for the possibility of exercising their right of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of your data, notifying Confobird sending an e-mail to the e-mail tienda[arroba]confobird.com, or by writing to CONFOBIRD S.L. to Avda. Constitución, 44 - Planta Baja - 03450 - Banyeres de Mariola - Alicante - SPAIN.

Also, in accordance with Law 34/2002 on Information Society and Electronic Commerce, Confobird only send advertising and promotional electronically to your email address or through other means of electronic communication to those users who have given their express consent to receive own products or services or registration Confobird web services, such as communications Newsletter.

Confobird informs the user that may express their refusal to such commercial and advertising treatment of your data in the manner provided in this legal notice and unsubscribe from such communications by following the instructions at the end of all our emails or by writing to the email address tienda[arroba]confobird.com or the following post address: CONFOBIRD S.L., Avda. Constitución, 44 - Planta Baja - 03450 - Banyeres de Mariola - Alicante - SPAIN.


11. Security: Using cookies and secure environment

May, on occasion, Confobird use cookies on its website. The use of the same will be done in order to customize their pages on the website or to remind you to register products or services. If you do not want Confobird organize the cookies on your browser, you can configure it to reject cookies or to notify you when a website tries to put a cookie in your browser software. If you reject cookies, this may affect the ability to use some of the products and services on our website.

Confobird, through its website, media uses cutting edge technology to ensure the protection of information. Confobird, guarantees that the contracting of products and services is done in a secure environment.

The user can check that you are in a secure environment, observing the closed padlock in the browser status bar, or by checking in the top menu, the appearance of the "s" in the http.

Confobird can store and use the IP addresses of users of this website to analyze trends, administer the website and monitor the use of the website as a whole. Confobird not associate IP addresses with personally identifiable information. Also, this website uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google Inc., a Delaware company whose main office is at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View (California), CA 94043, USA ( "Google"). Google Analytics uses "cookies", which are text files placed on your computer, to help the website analyze how users use the website. The information generated by the cookie about your use of the website (including your IP address) will be transmitted to and stored by Google on servers in the United States. Google will use this information on our behalf in order to track use of the website, compiling reports on website activity and providing other services relating to website activity and internet usage.Google may also transfer this information to third parties when so required by law or where such third parties process the information on behalf of Google. Google will not associate your IP address with any other data held. Can you refuse treatment of the data or information by rejecting the use of cookies by selecting the appropriate settings on your browser, however, you should know that doing so may not be able to use the full functionality of this website. By using this website you consent to the processing of data about you by Google in the manner and for the purposes described above.


12. Hyperlinks

Confobird is not responsible for web pages linked to it, so it is not responsible for their contents. The risks arising from the consultation of such web pages correspond exclusively to the user, who must abide by the terms, conditions and legal notices thereof, of which also Confobird is not responsible.


13. Intellectual property

Confobird owns the intellectual and industrial rights of the elements of the design of the page, such as the trademark, trade name or distinctive sign property. In particular and without limitation, are protected by copyright, logos, color combinations, selection and form of presentation, website source code, menus, navigation buttons, HTML code, the Java applets, texts, images, graphics, and any other website content on products, services, content and / or tools provided by Confobird.

The User agrees to respect the rights of intellectual and industrial website and products, content owned and / or tools; therefore, the User shall not copy, reproduce, distribute, make available or publicly communicating website content, without the express written permission of Confobird and provided it meets the following conditions:

Any total or partial copy of the website or, where applicable, tools, content www.confobird.com must include the copyright notice of www.confobird.com: "© Confobird • All rights reserved". In case of use, reproduction and distribution of content belonging to third parties displayed on this website, the copyright symbol of such persons must appear on all reproductions.

You may not be modified except content when the user has the prior authorization Confobird. The content of the website may only be used for informational purposes, prohibiting their use for commercial or for distribution, public communication, transformation or decompilation purposes. Confobird reserves the right to revoke the authorization to use the content of their web, content and / or tools site at any time. In that case all use should be interrupted. Confobird not responsible for third party information next to which is added some content to your website. No image or graphics on the web site Confobird be used separately from the rest of images that accompany the corresponding text or, if applicable. It may not be distributed or published content Confobird website together with information that promotes:

• Pornography and / or prostitution.

• Child labor.

• Racism.

• Terrorism.

• Arms trafficking.

• Any other illegal content.

Product names appearing on this website may be trademarks of their respective companies.


14. Prices

Prices and rates applicable to the procurement by the user of the products and services that require payment, will be listed on the website owned by Confobird, www.confobird.com, at the time the user accesses the service specific, and appropriate to initiate the recruitment process. Also, it refers to the provisions of the website, regarding shipping costs and taxes that are applicable.

For the case of product delivery or service contracted by the user, requires physical delivery of the product, the shipping generated vary depending on the place of delivery of the product and borne by the user.

Confobird reserves the right to modify tariffs and lists published on the website mentioned prices when it deems fit. In any case, the above does not apply for those services contracted prior to the modification, except all that is related to the renewal of products and / or services.

The payment of the contracted services and / or products purchased by the User shall be as specified in the particular conditions for each of them at the time of the procurement or acquisition, and in any case be available to the user in advance the procurement or acquisition. Confobird where appropriate reserves the right to cancel the contracted services and / or products purchased the user, assuming that the latter does not respect the established form of payment or does not pay for the product and / or services.


15. Duration of contract

Regarding the duration of the contractual obligations of contracting the products, services, content and / or tools between Confobird and the User shall be the period of time stipulated in the special conditions or in the License Agreement Use of the service It makes available to the User prior to recruitment.

The period of validity of these Terms and conditions of contract will be the time that they remain posted on the above website and will apply from the time the User uses the website and / or proceed to procurement of any goods, services, content and / or tools.

In any case, Confobird reserves the right to modify unilaterally, without this affecting products acquired by users in advance to the amendment, except in cases where the user had changed to a new version or product or services would result thereof modified by Confobird, in which case be applicable the conditions prevailing at the time of change and / or modification.


16. Deadlines and Delivery

With respect to the timing and manner of delivery of the contracted products or services are those stipulated at the time of contracting the product or service due to the wide range and variation range of products that make the products and services provided by Confobird.

In the section DELIVERY you can find the shipping conditions and price according to the destination address.

However, Confobird is exonerated from any responsibility in cases where it exceeds the period specified in the preceding paragraph by accident, force majeure or third parties outside Confobird.


17. Right of withdrawal or termination of the contract

Confobird reserves the right to terminate early, and without prior notice to the contracting of products, services, content and / or tools provided in the aforementioned website, users who breach the provisions of these Terms and / or conditions recruitment, or possibly in the license agreement.

The User may NOT make use of the right of withdrawal since all the products in our online store are personalized and made to measure.


18. Law and Jurisdiction

These conditions by Spanish legislation that is applicable are governed.

For the resolution of disputes that may arise as a result of the provisions of these provisions, and expressly waive any other jurisdiction that may apply, the User agrees to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of Alicante.


19. Notifications

All notices, requests, demands and other communications to be made by the parties in connection with these Conditions shall be in writing and must be sent by registered mail or certified fax to the address of the other party or your e-mail.


20. Null and void clauses

If any provision of these Conditions be declared totally or partially invalid or unenforceable, such invalidity will affect only that provision or part thereof that is invalid or ineffective, subsisting in all other respects the conditions.




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