Secure payment

The purchases made in our online shop you will pay them through the following secure payment methods:

1. Wire transfer

2. Paypal

3. Credit or debit card

Once payment is received we will proceed to the preparation and submission of your order.


All our payment systems are managed under the highest security systems.

We do not store credit card numbers for payments. These personal data is sent directly to banks with whom we work, unable to access them.

At the time of data transmission to the bank, we use encryption technology that allows transmitted securely all personal data requested in the transaction, such as name, address or credit card number.

Our online store has a SSL security certificate that guarantees encryption and protection of confidential data transmitted between the website and users.




    Between 25€ and 49€* - 5% Discount
    Between 50€ and 99€* - 10% Discount
    Between 100€ and 249€* - 20% Discount
    Between 250€ and 499€* - 25% Discount
    Between 500€ and 1.000€* - 30% Discount

    *Amount of products without VAT.


    SPAIN (Peninsula)
    Orders up to 24€ - 2.50 €
    Between 25€ and 49€ - 2.00 €
    Above 50€ - FREE!
    SPAIN (Baleares, Canarias, Ceuta and Melilla)
    Orders up to 49€ - 3.50 €
    Above 50€ - FREE!
    All orders - 10.00 €

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